Sune Lehmann

Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

Sune Lehmann is an associate professor at the Technical University of Denmark, an adjunct (full) professor at University of Copenhagen's Department of Sociology, and an adjunct associate professor at the Niels Bohr Institute (Department of Physics, University of Copenhagen). Sune is the associate director of the Center for Social Data Science at University of Copenhagen. Sune's work focuses on the dynamics of complex networks as well as processes unfolding on such evolving networks. He is the author of multiple highly cited papers and his work has received world-wide press coverage. 

Measuring Social Networks with High Resolution: What have we learned?

In other to understand the multi-layered and dynamic social interactions within a large social system, I equipped 1000 freshmen students at the Technical University of Denmark with top-of-the-line smartphones running custom software designed to collect interactions mediated through face-to-face meetings (proximity estimated via Bluetooth), telecommunication (phone-calls, text messages), and online social networks (Facebook friendships and interactions). The phones also collected geo-locations, wifi-signals, and a number of other data channels; participants also answered paneled questionnaires regarding personality, study habits, and health-related behavior. The data collection lasted 2.5 years. Through this rich dataset, we have learned about much more than social networks. In my talk, I will discuss key findings from this study, with an emphasis on communities in dynamic networks and recent results on human mobility.